Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss – Diligently Provides Support for Your Weight Loss Success!

Our physician  will help you choose the appropriate weight loss program so you can achieve the maximum results within medical guidelines and gain back the confidence you have been lacking while carrying excess pounds. Obesity causes other health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and hyperlipidemia. Weight loss supervised by our physician is safe and effective, and it will help you avoid other diseases, which can be prevented by losing weight!

Our physician and professional staff are the most integral pieces in helping you lose weight and keep it off! Many weight loss plans fail because it is very difficult to do it alone. Statistics prove that patients who utilize a physician led weight loss program along with a supportive staff which includes weight loss coaching - are much more successful at achieving their weight loss goals!

More about our programs: FDA Approved Medications and/or HCG POUNDS and INCHES program

Our physician prescribes the latest FDA approved medications on the market, which are indicated for treating obesity. He also believes in the success of implementing HCG and B12 injections.

HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a natural weight loss aid, which was first implemented by Dr. Simeon over fifty years ago. His revolutionary POUNDS AND INCHES program utilizes HCG and B12 injections. Henlser Medical Weight Loss has been implementing this program and using HCG injections for weight loss for 25 years! We are the most experienced office in Indiana with thousands of patients achieving results with this program!  Only a licensed physician has the authority to order the real HCG hormone.

Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss ProgramsHCG is a natural water based hormone produced during pregnancy. A person has 3 types of fat cells: normal, structural, and excess. Excess fat cells are responsible for added weight gain. During pregnancy, HCG breaks down excess fat cells and releases them into the bloodstream so the fetus can use it for nutrition. Since patients receiving the HCG injections are not pregnant, the HCG breaks down excess fat cells and eliminates them through urination.

Along with HCG injections, there is a diet with a list of approved foods for consumption. It consists of a very low caloric intake. Patients are advised to drink 80-128 ozs. of water a day as well. This diet is scientifically and chemically balanced to achieve the best results to lose excess POUNDS and INCHES, hence the name of the diet plan invented by Dr. Simeon many years ago.

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