Getting Started

Call for an appointment to have lab work performed. All patients are required to have a full lab work up. Once you visit our office, our professional staff will test your blood for counts of lipids, CBC, thyroid, glucose levels and a urinalysis is done as well. We also do an ECG (Electrocardiogram) and an ELG (Electrolipogram), which is a fat/lean body mass analysis. This test determines the quantity of BMI (Body Mass Index).

The first visit with the physician includes a routine physical, an in-depth discussion about the results of the lab work up and tests that were administered. After a discussion about the patients eating habits and lifestyle, the physician will decide which weight loss program is best for each patient. The reduced caloric diet plan chosen will depend on the patient's original weight at the start of the program. If a patient desires to participate in the Pounds & Inches Program, the exam will be a little more detailed. The patient is seen monthly by the physician to monitor weight loss.

Sometimes being overweight is not the fault of an individual. You may have what is known as Syndrome X. A blood test can determine if you have Syndrome X, which puts you at greater likelihood of obesity and becoming diabetic. If so, it can be controlled by medications to regulate your body's metabolism.

Signs of Syndrome X:

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  • High Blood Pressure
  • Low HDL
  • High LDL
  • High Triglycerides
  • Overweight by at least thirty pounds
  • Body Mass Index of thirty or higher
  • Hypoglycemia Symptoms
  • Abnormal Glucose Tolerance Test
  • High Uric Acid
  • Lab and Diet Plan Fees:
  • Full Lab Work Up...$260
  • First Visit With Physician...$85
  • Routine Monthly Visit with Physician...$70
  • HCG Injections...$10 each
  • B12 Injections...$10 each

FDA Approved Medications The main goal of our office is help you lose weight, but most importantly, we strive to ensure that you maintain your desired weight after your excess weight is lost.

Give us a call today and we will be glad to arrange an appointment for you!

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